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Thread: 375 H&H - which rifle?

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    375 H&H - which rifle?

    I fancy something different for 2014 and have been looking at a 375H&H. I already have 243/6.5/308 & 44mag with all cleared for deer. The 375H&H would be a bit of a toy but would be used on red and planned overseas trips.
    There seem to be a few about for not a lot of money. Is this because it's just one of those calibres or am I seeing examples that are shot out dogs.
    Any advice welcome.

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    I've never owned one but I know boys who have. When they moved them on none of them had fired many bullets - and some of them were real beauties. I doubt if any of them are shot out. Why not get a 416?
    Success with your quest and future hunts.

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    I don't imagine you will find many .375 cals shot out, they don't tend to get a lot of work hunting and it's not a cal your going to spend a day on the range with. I think there are a lot of bargains around for the H&H.

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    I bet most of the second hand .375 rifles in the uk have fired under a couple of hundred shots, no way shot out, more like, barely run in...... so many are bought for the once in a lifetime trip to the dark continent and sit unused in the cabinet the rest of the time, or get sold on especially as so many are restricted for use overseas only.
    I bought a brand new cz 550 last year and absolutely love it, but if I had been being rational, I really should have bought a second hand one, as I suspect I just wasted a few hundred quid more than I needed to buying new.
    It's a cracking gun though, took it out last night after reds, but came back empty handed, I love the novelty compared to just taking the .308 out, definitely more fun, plus as I put a low mag scope on it, I tend to use it for sneaking up on them in cover at close range.
    As for getting the 416 as an alternative, I would suggest that you will have enough of a battle convincing the police to allow you to use the .375 over here, even though the justification is clearly in black and white in the HO guidelines, I wouldn't want to try convincing them I needed to use the 416 for deer......a tad 'overkill' although that's not to say it wouldn't be fun!
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    I had a cz to start with which was solid but the bolt wasn't really smooth and fast reloading wasn't fluid. So I moved onto a rem 700 with a muzzle break which made the rifle much more user friendly, it shot great but had a very week ejection of brass which let me down on pigs twice. Because of that I had a sako extracter claw fitted into the bolt by brock and norris and have an IACS floor plate that takes 338 lap magnum magazines that hold 6 rounds.

    Other rifles like sako come off the shelf without such issues. My .375 h&h is open and deer leaves a bloodtrail that's for sure but chest shot they still run a bit.

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    Second hand is probably good. I would go for the CZ because of the strong feed and ejection. If you got lucky and took it after big pigs or to Africa a weak ejector could be problematic. If you want to go up to .4 size think about a 404 Jeff as they are an easier round to chamber and very slightly softer to shoot than a 416. By the way if you go up to theses sizes get the rifle fitted or it will be unpleasant to shoot.

    Best wishes,


    PS. The bolt problem with a CZ can be "cured" by a couple of evenings sitting in front of the TV feeding dummy rounds.

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    If you want a truly flexible 375, get a double square bridge magnum mauser action based rifle with some very sturdy express sights set to 100 and 150 (ish), and a soldered + drilled and tapped front sight with no hood. barrel band sling swivel of course...find yourself some good QD mounts that world with the DSB system the action is set up for (probably either clawmounts or dovetails).

    you'll then be taken seriously if you bring it on safari, whereas (no offense to Paul), a push feed is just not on if you want dead reliable feeding (as he discovered of course)...and of course, you will have a truly flexible rifle that will take any game in the UK, north american, scandinavia, and africa,,which of coursre, has a reliable back up iron sight system. That's what you want.

    when I see 375's on the shelves with fixed mounts, large objective scopes, and the iron sights knocked off,,I shake my head.

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    +1 (or even a few more than 1)


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    and a soldered + drilled and tapped front sight with no hood.

    Just out of interest, why no hood?
    Totally agree with the rest, although, to be fair, I trust mine to chamber well with controlled feed, and prefer knowing there are 6 rounds in it than just the two, but for the purist, you are not wrong. And as far as being able to remove scopes, also totally agree, although this is all well and good, but not much use if you don't practise shooting with iron sights normally and just expect to be proficient the first time! like all things it takes practice!
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    Parker Hale or BRNO / CZ , good solid reliable rifles and economically priced , why pay a fortune for a trendy or bespoke rifle when you will only shoot it a few times per year ? Save your money and spend it on good ammo.

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