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Thread: Childs Pony Stolen can we all keep an eye our while in the fields, pls read

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    Childs Pony Stolen can we all keep an eye our while in the fields, pls read

    Hi All,

    In the Cambridge area a young child has had its Pony Stolen, the child at this time has not been told by the parents but time is running out as the Pony needs medication that the people who stole him will not be aware.

    The family are so concerned to get the Pony back they have raised 6k as a finders fee, I don't for one second suggest that anyone helps due to the money but more to help the child and the Pony.

    Maybe you can ask your permissions if they have seen anything, below I have attached a link to their Facebook page, but is you search "help find tic toc" on Facebook you will find their page, OR JUST GOOGLE "Help Find Tic Toc" you will find descriptions and photos, they are trying all media streams to try and get him back.

    Admin if this post is n the wrong place or can be give better visibility please move etc



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    Probably the local Tesco needed stock for xmas.

    on a serious note, what scum. poor girl!

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    Sad times but if not already done try the local slaughter houses. There seems to be more money in horses as meat these days

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    I could be wrong, but having heard a lot about this locally, and from my own experience with horses, it is far more likely to have gone down in a ditch and simply not been found, this is Cambridgeshire after all, and ditches are common place.
    No one in their right mind would steel an old welsh pony with cushings disease. I've known plenty of native breeds take them selves off to die, more often than not, you don't find them for a couple of weeks until you smell them or a dog finds them. Sad to say, but true.
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    Travellers are into taking shetlands and cobbs at the moment, the in thing with them is to breed minature cobbs. I hope they find it safe and well.
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    Anyone checked the fields near Milton Park & Ride (just north of the A14 at Milton)?

    Lots of Caravan Utilising Nomadic Travellers horses there?
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    I'm sorry to have to update this, but tic tocs body has been found. Details are sparse but it does appear that he was taken

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    Just seen on Facebook tonight that its been found, unfortunately too late as he had passed away...there was hundreds of people keeping a eye for him in 10mins of the post going on Facebook its had 846 comments.

    So sad for the child and their family but at least knowing will bring closure. I hope the thieving scum suffer a slow and painful demise

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