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    We don't have the monopoly on idiots... They are all over the world... Only reason why they are so strong in America is because of Bubba.... There are Bubbas in every country, just America is bigger and has more of em.... Bubba can't handle the concept of discretely hunting and controlling the population... He has to publish pics and videos all over FB, YT, and the internet in general with stupid assed comments to draw attention to things.... These idiots with their deer condoms or other ideas use this "publicity" to drum up support for these wild assed schemes to suck up free taxpayer monies ......

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    Read the article, same thing happening in USA. Michigan reintroduced wolves. The wolves did well and are not stupid. Cattle are easier to bring down and provide a larger meal than deer. There was the first ever wolf hunt this year. Over the clammering of the animal rights' activists wolf hunting licenses were issued to many, with all licenses to terminate after 41 wolf kills. The northern woods filled with hunters, only 11 were successful to date. New Jersey is overrun with deer. Humans are the number one predator. The state of New Jersey is now allowing bow hunting from elevated stands within city limits. Most of the city-dwelling animal rights' activists are not seen their crops (income) devoured by deer or cattle infected (bovine TD in Michigan) or slain (wolves). Time Magazine dedicated a whole issue to this problem within the last 6 weeks. The solution is to introduce the next generation to the sport of hunting with respect for the game, the laws and nature.

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    Here is another one.....I once had a one on one with a Griz in Wyoming, and just thinking I could have gotten a letter too makes me growl!...but then all the Libs in the UK would have been happy too....Dopes are international!

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    A little more "behind the scenes" information. The HSUS is the largest anti-hunting/animal right s group in the US. The have acquired several smaller "humane" organizations in order to become an almost multinational animal rights corporation. For them, it is a big big money game. Anything they can promote is always based on its profit potential. They consistently score low on the actual percentage of $$ that actually can in any way be attributed as doing "something for the animals"

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