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Thread: rfd transfer

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    rfd transfer

    never done one before just want to know how they work and how much does it cost ?

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    Too much.... 25-50 seems the going rate. You may manage cheaper if you can get a word of mouth RFd without a shop.

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    My local RFD wanted 25 and I had to source and pay the shipping company on top. Crazy.
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    Had my last rifle shipped up including RFD costs for 15 by the dealer but it then cost me a further 25 at this end for the RFD to accept the parcel and sign my ticket

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    ok thanks for the help

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    as others 20-25 ish both ends but try find a RFD who has a TNT or other deal going on , so the carriage can sometimes be cheaper to send

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    I get charged 25 to send and receive, and put it on cert,i think that's a very fair price.
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    As you're in Hants, give Jelen a call. They're RFDs and may do you a deal.

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    It's a very simple process, weatherby, my rfd charges 25 handling/admin fee and 15 shipping for a rifle & mod, the rfd at the other end will charge a handling fee too. Basically you take your rifle to the rfd, it gets transferred off your ticket to him, he ships it to the recipient rfd, to whom it is then transferred to. Ten whoever you have sold the rifle to has it transferred by the recipient rfd onto his/her FAC. It's actually much more painless than I've made it sound in my waffling above.

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    TNT charge 16ish to send a rifle. thats how much it costs the RFD then then they must put somthing on top for their time etc so 25 is fair enough.

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