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Thread: Z aim pro stalker rifle sling

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    Z aim pro stalker rifle sling

    Z-aim Pro Stalker sets a new standard in how a gun sling should be constructed. The innovative design gives the user a number of benefits, compared to traditional single or double gun slings. Developed in Sweden, its the only gun sling on the market which has solved the problem of how to comfortably and securely carry a rifle together with a backpack.

    Multifunctional - single gun sling, double rifle sling and game carrier all in one.

    The optimal choice when skiing, biking, riding, climbing, walking, running or leading a dog in a leash - even with rifle and backpack.
    Quickly and easily adjustable non-slippery system. Pro-Stalker positions your firearm, in a stable and firm position on your back releasing both hands.
    Without backpack, the rifle will lean on its side. The thick and broad Neoprene shoulder strap, in combination with the chest strap, erases the weight of your rifle. You will forget that you are even carrying it.
    With a single handgrip you can switch Pro-Stalker to an ordinary gun-sling and game carrier by loosening the chest strap from the shoulder strap.
    Pro-Stalker - designed for the active hunter.

    Z-aim? Pro-Stalker is a top quality product; made of UV and cold proof material in buckles and straps.
    The shoulder strap is of 11 mm thick and 65 mm broad Neoprene with ends of real leather.
    All straps and endings are cross-stitched to reach maximum possible strength. No metal components are used, to avoid unnecessary noise.
    The weight is no more than 150 grams. Simply a superb and innovative piece of kit that will be money well spent.
    £34 delivered pm me if your interested
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    These are a very good bit of kit, been using mine for three years now.Works like a dream.

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    PM sent
    Supporting the BRITISH DEER SOCIETY

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    Pm sent !
    If a wolf can take down a deer from either flank, does that make him bambidextrous?

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    How easy are these to go from carrying to shooting? Do you just unclip the cross-strap to swing the rifle round?

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    Yes that's is it
    regards mark

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    PM sent, for the sling...

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