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Thread: Beretta whitewing

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    Beretta whitewing

    I've been offered a 12 ga shogun beretta whitewing. Mint condition. What's it worth guys?

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    The Whitewing was a budget O/U when released being the cheapest of the feild long guns available to us here in the UK.

    This by no means it is a budget gun. It is exactly the same 680 series boxlock as all the other well known Berettas (Sil Pig, Onyx. 682 686 687)s ww.

    what it doesnt have is, fancy wood or engraving and, cost were kept down by not having a web between top and bottom barrels for thier entire length.

    IMO this makes it a very sweet handling gun and very much up to any other job the other more expensive borthers are.

    Value between 600 and 1000 depending on private or dealer price.

    Very good gun you wont be dissapointed with if function lies above form for you.

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    600 to 900 it's a less popular model but makes a nice light 12b IMHO

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