Having had a Pulsar 550 NV scope and not very impressed with it I was a bit hesitant in buying the Photon. As they sell 2nd hand for as much as new if I was not happy I knew I would get my money back,unlike the Pulsar where I lost 300.
This is staying though mounted on my .221 fireball with Leupold QR rings so I can swap back to day scope if I wanted.
Together with a Nite-Site T20 it's a fantastic set up very easy to use (unlike the Pulsar) it sits a bit higher than I would like because you need clearance for the bolt.
The LP ret in the scope is what I use with my day scopes so that's ideal.
I can see further than I would shoot at night so I am we'll pleased with this scope.
I have a hand held Pulsar NV and have tried the Nite -Site on this it is fantastic so I will have to shell out on another Nite-Site T20. Unless my hints (big) for Xmas work.

Hope this helps anyone pondering a purchase.