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Thread: Impala skin

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    Impala skin

    I have received my tanned Impala skin from SA about 3 wks ago. As it has been folded for quite a while , when it is layed out there are quite a few creases in it. The skin has been layed flat but has anyone got any ideas how to get the creases out without doing any damage to the skin.


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    It will be a chrome tanned skin. Try steaming it and then laying it flat with some heavy weight on it. That should take the creases out.
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    Never tried it but my mate dampens his with a little water and puts them on tumble drier. My Springbok was creased and that's what he said to do but they come out just by laying flat so I didn't try it.

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    has the skin been soft tanned,if so just dampen it and lay it flat to dry again if its salt tanned or dip and pack it will have to be soft tanned or it will just dry back and go hard

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    Thanks for the advice , I dampened the skin and the creases have now come out.


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