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Thread: Roof-Mounted Shooting Rest and Fox Bait Pots

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    Roof-Mounted Shooting Rest and Fox Bait Pots

    Since I've been asked to provide some photos of my fox 'bait pots', I thought I'd post a fresh thread and include some images of my roof-mounted shooting rest:

    A view of the right-hand mount for the shooting rest - this is fitted to the side of my roof platform, which allows me to see over the tall hedges we have in this part of the world:

    You can also see the mounts for the shooting sticks - these are wrapped in foam to minimise noise - I've yet to spray them green.

    A view of the two rear ones - there are five in all - one at the front (inside the box), one on each side and two at the back:

    The rest itself is a length of thin-walled but wide carbon fibre tube salvaged from a scrap yacht boom (bought at a boat jumble). This is topped-off with a yoke off a set of Vanguard shooting sticks, so it rotates 360 degrees. The section which slots into the stainless steel mounts is sleeved with plastic so that it can be set up noiselessly. It lives in the roof box so that it's immediately to hand, should I need it in a hurry:

    The Bait Pot is made from a recycled industrial yarn spool. I machine one flange off, add an access hole (here blanked off with a jam jar lid - later versions will, of course, have a 'proper' bung). In the base I add four holes, each of which is circled with white paint so that I can find them in the dark. Through these I add long tent peg-like spikes to anchor it to the ground. The three legs ensure it stands high enough for all the goo to drip out. This one has had a whole pheasant (picked up off the road) in it for about a fortnight, so it's probably pretty ripe by now. The fact that it's sealed up, however, means that I can handle it, including carrying it my truck, without the need for disposable gloves or any worries about womenfolk squealing about the smell. Just before I install it in position, I peel off a strip of tape from the bottom drip-hole (later versions will probably have a rubber stopper), and it's good to go!

    Seen here in position with one peg in place:

    And again on the bonnet of my Disco:
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