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Thread: Special Constable Screw Up

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    Special Constable Screw Up

    A keeper mate called me today to tell about an RTC that his neighbour was called to attend on Friday evening.

    The guy arrived at the scene to find the woman who had called the police about the deer in a right state.

    While waiting for the "deer warden" (thats what they call us in Norfolk) to arrive, a special constable turned up and announced "I will deal with this" and went straight over and cut the deer's throat in front of his audience .

    Now I don't know all the facts yet, not even what species the deer was, Muntjac or CWD i'm guessing, but turns out the lady's husband is a retired chief inspector, and after she had spoken to him and he had obviously made some phone calls the s**t hit the fan big time

    It will be very interesting to see what filters down the line to the rest of us

    I cant wait so watch this space



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    Fair play to him, showed initiative and ended the animal's suffering ASAP.

    Well done, though he should really have shielded the 'deed' with a vehicle to prevent distressed onlookers.

    The retired Chf Insp sounds like a typical gob***** busybody jobsworth to me.

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    I didn't realise special constables carried knives.

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    Thats why they are"special"


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    i hope he used the pointed end

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    Although it must have looked pretty brutal to the onlookers, sometimes I feel their feelings should come second to that of the injured animal. If this special knew what he was doing a quick slice to the neck would cause a very rapid loss of blood pressure, the animal would pass out and die. Waiting for the "Deer warden" suddenly becomes the less humane choice.

    I know it looks bad, but if the job was done cleanly and quickly what's the problem?

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    the most important thing hear was the animal was put put down . hear in ireland a injured deer can be kill by any legal means.

    i would applaud this cop and all deer groups should stand behind him ,as we all would do the same .

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    I think in this case the welfare of the animal came first. At least he used a bit of initiative, the only Special I know is a right jobsworth when he's doing his day job...I wouldn't mind if he did it properly!

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    As long as he did it by the guidance he did the right thing. These busy bodies make me so I got called to one the other day and advised euthenasia only for some **** of an animal conservationist [passer by] to call me brutal and insisted the animal be spared as there was no obvious external injuries other than it couldn't move. It died 15 hours later and to me that was 15 hours of unnecessary pain.

    Good on him I say.

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    I killed an injured fox some years ago on the side of the road with a knife. Nowadays of course you'd not even risk carrying a knife in your car.

    This year I saw a horse struck and injured in France. Right in front of me in fact so had to wait as a witness to the car that did strike it.

    About a dozen police - who I did approach and say that the needed to shoot the animal - but no-one took responsibilty. A vet eventually being summoned to do the job.

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