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Thread: North Wales members stalkers evening with BASC

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    North Wales members stalkers evening with BASC

    Testing the water so to speak.
    I'd be interested in a few more BASC events,courses training etc, in North Wales ,and thought if any members within the surrounding catchment would attend such evenings,and events.

    Hopefully things to include range sessions,butchery courses,best practice,DSC1 courses,gundogs,guest evenings from BASC departments,firearms,green shoots,wildfowling and presentations etc,with hopefully some contribution going towards the Welsh Air Ambulance.

    with a venue to be decided and starting around Feb/march after the game season.

    Of course as with all these courses,a large amount falls down to membership attendance and support.
    All those interested in seeing more happen in North Wales please post here. so we can make it happen.

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    I would probably be interested. Fairly obviously it would depend on what was on offer.


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    Were some what left out in North Wales when it comes to events,so we need to get some ideas together and be proactive to suggest to BASC what we think we need and want here in the region.

    Stalking is one thing,and there are a large number of members on Anglesey that stalk but wer're void of deer,the same goes for the majority of North Wales members.

    Ive only mentioned a few things to BASC Wales dpt,purely from speaking to shooting friends and what they'd be looking at,and the feeedback has been excellent and encouraging with a few events on the table for 2014.

    We could do with a few training days,maybe bringing the DSC1 courses to College Landrillo,LLysfasi?
    Butchery courses,range sessions and rifle awarness courses,best practice days,reloading,dog training anything and everything the rest of the countrys regions are offering right here in North Wales.

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    I realise we are in a bit of a deer desert. Possibly a pre DSC and DSC 1 would be good. Would BASC prefer to do it at Marford MIll? I know it is at the end of North Wales but they do own it which would hold their costs down and they are very close to the A55?


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    I am sure if you are short of stalkers for the courses you propose a group of us from Cheshire could sneak over the border and make up the numbers let us know what you are proposing.

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    well done gelert for your efforts. i will support anything that i am able to

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    How about holding some events / training at Glynllifon college? Went to a basc do there a while back, and it was pretty well attended.

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    we definitely need something around here. but just what i dont know.

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    Count me in Gelert may be able to help with a venu on Anglesey depending on the phone course.

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    Not based in North Wales, I am based in Newtown Mid Wales. I would love to attend events like this especially a pre dsc1. I am very new to stalking and would be keen to get as much help,experience and knowledge as possible.


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