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    dog bell

    anyone know who sells good quality cow bell for dog collars. my patterdale has lost his when looking for a deer,

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    Hawking bells are better. The sound seems to travel better. I might have a spare one.

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    Woodcock dog bell NO BRAND - Dog Leashes and collars Hunting and Nature - On...

    Or try Kettner or Franconia websites. I use hawking bells on my deerhound cross, but she's a long way off the ground compared to a patterdale. I'm guessing that the fittings on a dog bell might be more robust.

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    Got a very good bell from Kit at Muntjac Trading

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    Thanks to ROB DHU got the bells very impressed with how loud they are. Donation given to local children's charity as agreed on your behalf. Many thanks have a good Xmas

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