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Thread: Lola and Pippin night tracking success

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    Lola and Pippin night tracking success

    Hi Guys

    Yes I'm still out there.
    The dogs saved my bacon tonight. I shot a fallow doe in the wood just as the light went. She went right into a thick section of brambles and I waited till the herd had dispersed before I went looking. I could not find any pins or paint where I thought I shot the deer. Had I missed? Hmmm
    I retrieved Lola(Hannoverian/bavarian ) and her boss Pippin (Vizsla) from the Landy. Working carefully up to the place were I thought I shot the beast the dogs identified a few small drops of blood (no hair) that as I though went right so we followed the faint blood trail ( not lung or gut shot from the blood - oh dear) for about 50m in thick brambles. Remember its completely dark now. The trail appeared to cross back into the other side of the ride. I worked the dogs back up the ride into the wind where they found the doe dead on a secondary deer trail. The bullet entrance was a little back and quartering defecting off the rib and exiting in the front part of the haunch.
    The doe ran about 250m in a large circle hence the lack of blood spoor and its clean red colour.
    Doe was retieved to the chiller and the dogs get their praises.
    1. I could have convinced myself of a miss and gone home.
    2. Shooting at dusk can be a bit risky. Distance and angle can be deceptive
    3. Dont shoot at dusk without having dogs available if in woodland.
    4. Once paint has been found you are committed to a detailed search.
    5. If you loose the trail then bracket the wood and work into the wind.
    6. Expect the unexpected.


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    Where would we be without our doggies eh! Great story cant wait to get that hairy idoit of mine out one day...
    Is there more chance of success if you work your dogs into the wind when there is little or no blood trail?

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    In this instance we are dealing with a fresh warm scent which will carry downwind a long way. If you have lost your trail then go quite a way downwind and then methodically work the dogs back into the wind. The viszla is particularly good at this.


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    Good work Mark, good to see you back on.

    Was out this afternoon in a wood after fallow, but nothing showing, plus I called it a day before last night due to no dog( well apart from my springers 45mins away)
    Will need to sort a dog at some point as stalking is the way my shooting is going these days, just got to convince the missis.


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    having attended stones first dog day it stands out how
    passionate and clued up about you are about your
    dogs and tracking .
    im glad it all worked out well and thanks for sharing
    your experiences with us .
    As much as we think we all know just shows you never
    stop learning ATB pete .

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    As much as we think we all know just shows you never
    stop learning ATB pete .[/quote]

    well done pete, never a true'er word said ( sorry about the spelling )


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    Glad to see you are still with us and getting out there
    1,4 and 6 are always a bit of a turning point for me
    as once i am sure of a strike then i try and work out what has happened
    that is where i am always learning something new
    nice buck

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