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Thread: .270 cal wind drift

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    .270 cal wind drift

    Does anyone out there know how much a 150grn .270 should drift at 200yds? I was out with a mate today and at 200yds and he was shooting about 4-6" to the right. It was fairly windy and over flat terrain.

    I dropped a clump of grass and it landed about 4ft away. There's a formula somewhere for this but I dont know what it is!

    First time I've ever fired a .270 and was suprised by how little recoil there was compared to a .308 hardly any difference.

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    About 2" for every 10 mph of wind at 90 degrees to the flight of the bullet.



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    Cheers Thar. That's more than I thought but sounds right as the wind must've been at least 10mph. I bet 10mph is nothing on the hill and throw a few gusts in there aswell and you're all over the place..good job reds aren't small really

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    Yet another shooter realising the myth of the "nasty" .270, & reading the wind is the hardest part, you probably had quite a good blow on judging by what you describe

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    Even at 10mph the wind will deflect a bullet 3-4inch at 200yards.A good blustery wind will push the bullet 6-10 inches off target if you don't compensate.
    I bet more shots are off the bull as a result of the wind than as a result of miscalculating bullet drop.

    Lots of practise on the range helps enormously

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