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Thread: Perm swap/buddy up in kent

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    Perm swap/buddy up in kent

    Hi all, so this is the situation, I have land to shoot over in kent ( about 3,000 acres) but it's for shotgun only. It offers fantastic pigeon shooting and a bit of rough shooting, so I'm very happy and lucky to have it,BUT I can't use my rifles on there, the farm managers a really nice bloke and couldn't care less as long as you shoot safely (go's with out saying) but it's the big boss of the land that doesn't allow firearms. I do have land back in Essex, where I'm originally from, that i shoot my rifles over, but it's a 5 hour round trip and it's costing me a fortune in fuel and the 4 at the tolls every time,not to mention the bloody traffic !!!!' So I'm looking for some land that I can use my rifles on in kent, in turn I can offer pigeon/rough shooting on my permission. I have an open FAC for .17HMR and .223 and BASC insurance. I could also offer someone who maybe wants to move onto centre fire rifles from Rimfire some hands on experience or mentoring, or maybe someone with no FAC ? I just want to make to make clear that I'm nt a permission poacher or an underhanded type person, so you haven't got to worry about me trying to stitch you up.

    Any info or persons interested, feel free to get in touch
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