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Thread: Local FEO retiring

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    Local FEO retiring

    With some sadness I found out today my local FEO is retiring at Xmas. I can't speak for all that have had dealings with John in the Deeside area, but I have always found him to be very helpful, straight and honest, a pleasure to deal with.
    He described his job within the shooting community here as a pleasure.
    Hopefully his successor will find his new job a pleasure as well.

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    Same happened in Manchester early this year a good feo retired but we got a good replacement

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    Quote Originally Posted by jb7x57 View Post
    Same happened in Manchester early this year a good feo retired but we got a good replacement
    Are you talking about Graham?... I heard Joe is leaving too
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    Yes graham not heard about joe leaving

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    I also believe Doug is leaving (Aberdeen).
    It's all changed now that Police Scotland have taken over.
    Recently put in a change of address note and all I was expecting was a visit to make sure the rifles and shotguns were all secure and a new licenses to be issued.
    Not as expected they went through everything and I had to fill in all of the application forms again and basicly re-apply for my licences.
    They have since come back to me questioning one of the calibres that I have on my ticket!

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