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Thread: Fishing in NZ

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    Fishing in NZ

    Just to warn people that sea fishing in NZ is not all it is cracked up to be, went out to the beach with a small spinning rod, for a 2 hour session today and yesterday and hooked into a fish nearly every other cast, it wears you out, never mind out after possums and rabbit tonight.

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    Damn, I must be living at the wrong beach ! Where are you taff ?

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    based in whangarei , was fishing of pataua in the race.

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    Assuming you are on holiday ?? If so, and you happen to be on the Coromandel (whitianga) , call in for a beer/coffee
    021 022 76825

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    Nice to see you're making friends with the locals Taff, I take it the holidays going well.

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    Ps Merry Christmas from a cold wet and miserable UK.

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    Taff, I hate you from the bottom of my very muddy wellies. You seeing anything of "Bunnydoom" out there?

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    Hoping to meet bunny soon, not many deer up here, but possums everywhere, have been herding cattle for two days, killing lambs, for home kills and plenty of fishing in the evenings.
    Timbo thanks for the offer, If Iget down that way I will give you a call.

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    very jealous, NZ is on my list of things to do. Have a great time. regards sbm

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    Hey Taff did you take the bow out with you?

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