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Thread: My first red

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    My first red

    After a chat with the landowners the other day they asked if we could cull a few of the red since they seem to have now become resident on the ground, so this evening we decided that it was time l cut my teeth on these magestic animals.

    We stalked up through the wood to the area they was in set up and waited, most had decided to go to the otherside of the wood but the big stag a very big yeld and a younger stag decided to put in an apearence so after a short stalk to reposition we let the big lad and the yeld go past followed sheepishly by the younger boy who graciously stopped and presented himself about 70yds out so l took him of the sticks he jumped forward ran about 20yds and was down, that was the easy bit the otherhalf said now the fun starts anyway within an hour we had him gralloched dragged back to track and in the back of the hilux.

    Bloody hard work these woodland red but hell it was my first red and worth the effort

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    well done you !

    good to see the ladys getting fell in , my future wife will be following your lead a soon as she is back from austrailia !

    cheers lee

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    Nice one!!
    James said he was thinking of thinning a few out this year!
    He'll be about 2 1/2 years old I reckon. Have you weighed him yet? Probably about 300lbs clean.
    Loveley looking beast. You should be well pleased with that one!
    Regards, MS.

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    Congratulations ladystalker..

    As youve said they are a beautiful and majestic animal

    Hope theres a place on your wall to hang the memory



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    well done 8)

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    Well done! what area was it from?

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    Well done lovely animal bet you're chuffed to bits

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    lady red

    Well done on your first red,looks a nice animal 8)

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    Quote Originally Posted by deer man
    Well done! what area was it from?
    l shot this beast in suffolk
    and have a few more to cull.
    out again soon but for the munty's and roe this time .

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