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Thread: Deer Management Plan HELP!!!!!

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    Deer Management Plan HELP!!!!!

    Hi Folks
    I have been off today to have a look around another bit of forestry that they want the syndicate that I am in to take on, Great but there is only one small hitch they want us to put together a DMP for both areas and honestly I don't have a clue where to start or where to find a DMP template , Is this a tricky piece of paperwork to complete , Any help in this area would be much appreciated,
    This new area also holds a small population of Grouse which they want to maintain and hopefully increase again I do not have much of an idea about Grouse management . So again any advise greatly appreciated.

    Sound like a right novice now but never had to do any of this before !!!

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    This is a little unusual as most foresters will tell you what they want you to do to help protect their crop. What type of woodland is it, plantation, mixed woodland? What is the acreage? What species are present?

    There are many factors that are required before you can write up a plan.



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    Hi Bigtedzzr

    Try this link:-

    Everything there that you will need inc templates and guides etc



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    They could be applying for some Woodland Grant scheme money which requires them to produce a deer plan and would rather you did the hard work for them. Try and find out if this is the case. If so, it will need to be in the right format with any deer census work carried out by specific methods. Where abouts are you? I may have something you could plagiarize!

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    Thanks Gents I was wondering why they all of a sudden need a DMP because for the last few years they have just given us a cull figure for every year which has always been the same.
    Thanks Rocking god that looks very handy I will go through them when I have a bit more time.
    MS I am in the North East of Scotland and I will be giving them a bell today to see why they need one ,not too keen on doing there work for them because up until now we have just been there to do the culling for them.
    Thanks again gents

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    Ahh, North of the border! I'm not sure what goes on with regards grant schemes in Scotland. Out of my depth there I'm afraid!
    It's probably worth asking what they intend to do with it though so that you can tailor it to their needs.
    Good Luck.

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    If they want a DMP, I'm supprised they neglected to ask for a risk asessment as well, lots of us, like my neighbour M Spanker have now to do this, time consuming, but neccessary, welcome to the Deer Managers Society, talk to the forester, ask what they are doing, their needs, and how you can help. You will have to up your game if they are after grants, however theres lots of help and advise here, do not go down the road of thinking they are being unreasonable. All foresters hate all deer, you may have to cull more deer than in the past, but firstly you must have an open and imformative meeting with them, find their aims and needs, supply an answer to all and beware if you don't someone will. p.m. if you wish to know my dealings with woodland grants, all positive at present. deerwarden

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    Thanks Deerwarden I will bear in mind what you have said and if I need any advice I will drop you or MS a PM , I will speak to the forester and just get a better idea of what they are expecting , I am sure with a bit of time and expert advice from people like yourselves I will manage something.
    So thanks again it is much appreciated .

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    I’m a forester from Inverness and don’t hate all deer all the time but do like to see woodlands in good health which calls for a robust Deer Management Plan. I suspect that your woodland is the subject of a Forest Plan; this means it also needs a DMP. You really need to speak with the forester to make sure you understand fully what he wants and (more importantly) that you can deliver. If he is asking you to come up with the game plan it may be that there is no need to do anything radical just now and that he just needs it to “tick a box” re the FP.
    A woodland undergoing a major restructuring program would require a more detailed and definitive DMP, so make sure you get all the facts from the forester as you need to know what objectives are to be met.
    If your woodland is a Special Site of Scientific Interest in “unfavourable condition” and overgrazing has been cited as a contributory factor then you will need to reduce grazing pressure one way or another.
    Find out what the forester wants and I can then send you a relevant template that should help.


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    Deer Management Plan

    PM sent

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