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Thread: First .22 lr

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    First .22 lr

    Hi, I used to hunt with a Theoben RapidSeven fac back in the nineties but for various reasons let the licence go for 10 years. However at the beginning of this year I joined the local target shooting club and have acquired a new CZ 452 varmint with 16" barrel. It was shooting groups around 1.25" at 50M but I felt it could do better. So having read up a lot I decided to pillar bed the rifle and have recorded the process with photographs. I am also going to get another pcp at fac levels because of the limited carry over and reduced risk of ricochet . When I find out where to post the pillar bedding process I will do that. Incidentally the result is I now get 0.75" groups at 50M.
    This is such a good site and so much info shared so thanks for letting me join.

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    Welcome to the site,

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