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Thread: What do you prefer ?

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    What do you prefer ?

    Been to a small family shoot today all woodland .we had a great day working our dogs of various strengths and abilities the guns had plenty of shooting and we the beaters were well looked after with food,drink and finally tea and cake at the house with a pay packet too ! My question is what do the SD beaters and pickers up prefer the type of day I've just written about or the big estate days or large syndicate days shooting 200+ birds a day .do you like to see plenty of shooting action or is it the whole ambience and personnel feeling of a small shoot that appeals one where the guns actually acknowledge you exist .

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    I love the beaters days on the estate I worked on.Loads of p*ss taking and competition all in good fun and a healthy bag size too.
    To be honest the size of the day or the bag doesn't matter,it's the company shared that makes the day

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    I beat & pick up on both types from under 100 bird family & friends days to 250-350 bird days.
    I enjoy both but feel more at home on the smaller days, you seem to get to know people better & don't get the them & us situation off the guns like on some big days.


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    Driven days don't really interest me. Seems weird to me that you pay to shoot roughly x amount of birds. i.e. 100 bird day between 10 guys you'd expect about 10 birds each cause thats what you paid for.. I find the whole thing a bit 'artificial'.

    Syndicate days are good but there always seems to be one dodgey gun that you have to keep an eye on all the time..

    Far rather smaller days where it's laid back and you get a mixed bag

    edit: if I was offered a driven shoot tomorrow I'd be there. It's just not something it would fork out for over other things if that makes sense?
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    Family / Farm shoots are my preference, all day long. The shooting / bag is just a very small part, the banter and social aspect is what it's all about for me.

    I was out beating on a big estate for a mate who's a keeper there this week. They have one drive in particular which is a 250bird drive.... It did feel a bit "industrial!"

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    Vive la difference! (Or something like that). I don't mean to be a fence sitter, but variety is the spice of life. If pushed though, a small friendly shoot where everyone knows each other, there's only a very blurred line between beaters and guns and the bags are variable are my favourite. But for a change, a more formal day and a bigger bag are good too. I'm not a fan of really big bag days though.

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    I have been fortunate to shoot a fair number of beaters days along with 250 plus estate days, walk one stand one days, walked up days with a few mates. small syndicate driven days as well as a walk round my own spot with just me and the dogs.
    I don't mind any type of game shooting days as long as the other guns are safe !

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