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Thread: Snowys christmas soot

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    Snowys christmas soot

    Had Snowy out again to day as my guest on sootys shoot, a thank you for helping me and especially running my mrs about to the hospital when I had my accident at least his eye's weren't painted on this time !! lol
    Alan ( sooty ) put him in the hot seat all day, he shot pheasants, wild English partridges, woodcock, pigeons and very nearly some pink's on the second drive !
    So thank's Snowy for your help it was appreciated and another thank you to my good mate Alan for looking after him. DD

    This is fat boy slim after the first drive where I will say he showed restraint and only shot challenging birds

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    He looks one very happy man !
    Glad to here your up and about again after your miss hap

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    Nigel he only looks happy because it never cost him owt ! tell a lie he paid my beaters money lol !

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    He looks a happy man because he had a thoroughly enjoyable day in some excellent company. Knocking a few high good quality birds down was a bonus on the day, thanks and best wishes to all concerned .
    Better to have failed again than to have lifted someones leg

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