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Thread: Cheap 223 hunting ammo.

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    Cheap 223 hunting ammo.

    Due to problems with the family all of my stalking of late has been roe only, I have been using my 223 for this and was running a bit low on ammo. I have had a couple of boxes of mil’ surplus FMJ ammo’ in the cabinet that have been there for years.
    . Instead of just shooting them off at targets for the sake of it I decided to see if I could make something for deer/fox from them.

    I pulled the 55gn FMJ bullets and replaced them with Hornady ballistic tips set 0.020” of the lands, other than that I did nothing else with them.

    Here is my first 5 shot group with them, there is some vertical stringing with them, which no doubt would have been less if I had used a range bag under the stock, but nether the less the accuracy is plenty good enough for most field conditions.

    1” squares on target. This rifle has proven capable of shooting ¼” groups with good ammo in the past.



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    Nothing wrong wit those mate! You should've seen what happened when I pulled some 4" grouping 7-08 Prvi's and set the bullets to my handload depth...groups of 2ft and a flame from the barrel to match


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    This makes me wonder wether there really is loss of neck tension when completely removing bullets from cases

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    Beware with ex military cases, the primers are crimped in

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    Try emptying the powder into a container, find total weight of powder,t and divide by number of cases. Then reload powder based on average weight, may well eliminate the vertical stringing. Obviously ensure all powder out of cases before recharging.

    Have fun


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