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Thread: Newbie to the site

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    Newbie to the site

    Good Evening.

    Found the forum tonight when browsing online. I have enroled on a Deer Butchery course in January as I have always had an interest in the process and would like to learn more. Been shooting for approx 8 years, (FAC & SGC) Prior to my FAC I used to just shoot clays and woodpigeon.

    In the Royal Navy (Weapons Engineer) 15 years served so far. Live in the South West and currently shooting a .22 Rimfire for the bunnies & have a .223 for Fox. Very keen to move onto Deer and learn from the forum. I look forward to browsing the site and no doubt posting up newbie questions in the future.

    Would like to see any Muntjac in the local areas and get out shooting with more experienced shooters if there are any opportunities. Keen to learn and willing to travel within the South West.

    Look forward to joining the group.
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    Appreciate any pointers on good books / advice on preparation for my DSC1 in the future as well please.

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Thanks for the welcome. Been browsing regulary and have a few leads for DSC1 in the future and booked in for a Deer butchery course in a couple of weeks. Just to add to the above have been a BASC member for 8 years.

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    Triscz I would highly recommend the Deer Stalking Certificate Level 1 Training - Home learning website at 10 per month on endless log in for mock tests for dsc1 it helped me massively.


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    Thank you David ��

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