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Thread: Shotgun re-blue ?

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    Shotgun re-blue ?

    I have a yearning to reproduce my first ever shotgun, a Webley Bolt Action .410
    Not really sure why, but I do, I have found a few but they are not what you could call in as new condition.
    I can cope with refinishing the beech stock, but the metalwork is beyond me.
    So I need somebody in the southeast who can reproduce the high lustre bluing that Webley were so well known for.
    I have found a fairly good one as a basis, so has anybody got any ideas of who I go to for the work ?


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    Doesn't Leechy have a good bluing contact? And before you say it - I know - but I had to mention it. Failing that, Blue Titanium Cerakote with a gloss finish......
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    Funnily enough the Webley I found is at his shop, we spoke yesterday about refinishing it.
    He does blacking, and has a bloke who does best rust blueing, but nobody who can duplicate the
    original highly polished and deeply blued finish, which I assume is a chemical type thing ?
    I did think of Cerakote but would prefer the proper thing if at all possible.


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    Cerakote can duplicate bluing in a form much the same as Duracoat, I've done dozens over the years. But like anything, hit it, scratch it hard enough and you'll mark it, just like bluing.

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    James, coating is an option, and will be the way I go if I can't get exactly what I want.
    If I go with a coating and then change my mind in the future, can it be removed and be blued ?
    If it can, then I am much more likely to start with a coating, Durakote or Ceracote whichever you recommend as being the best.


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