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Thread: A Happy Teckel

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    A Happy Teckel

    One of our hunting team took a roe buck on Friday so I took the chance to take my 7 month old teckel, Geordie down to the kill to get him switched on to roe deer. He had a good rag at the coat and then when my friend Anders (the guy in the picture) put the roe over his shoulder to carry out the little fella refused to let go

    Hopfully this has given him a real taste for roe deer.

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    Mine are getting to "big" to pull them off the ground but bite they will. Great shot, well done.

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    So very teckel! Brilliant.

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    What a fantastic little dog he's a star in the making bazil

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    Fantastic dog and fantastic picture!

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    brilliant photo and a great dog. regards sbm.

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    Thanks for the replies everyone, i'll post up his progress on the forum.

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    cracking pic and dog!!

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    Nice one mate :-)

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