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Thread: At Long Last

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    At Long Last

    Shooting times December the 3rd. National Trust for Scotland has now admited their project to restore the Caledonian Forrest at Mar Lodge has not been successful. After spending 750,000 and culling more than 12,000 Red deer there are virtually no new tree's.
    This was tax payers money spent by an organisation that took no input from the people on the ground. I guess they weren't university graduates so what would they know!
    I think this is a bloody disgrace and the people who instigated this should be brought to account. This is not the only area that this has happened to and as far as I know the results are the same in the others.

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    Now there excuse is that they have not failed because it is a 200 year plan and they are only just starting

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    And just over the hill on a private estate the owners put an electric fence round a couple of glens and the growth is fantastic with little impact on the deer. The thing is they try to turn back the clock. Beaver, bears, wolves, sea eagles the list goes on. On the whole these creatures were wiped out due to the habitat and man's requirements being at loggerheads with their survival. A simple windpowered electric fence could have excluded deer from large areas allowing the regeneration. In stead the slaughter deer knowing that nature abhors a vacuum. Other herds will just move in as the feeding gets richer.

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