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Thread: M14x1 MOD 30 cal

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    M14x1 MOD 30 cal

    Compliments of the Season to all,
    I am looking for an M14x1 MOD 30 cal if anyone has one they are looking to move on.

    and a Happy New Year to all


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    I've a 14x1 bridge for a Predator 8 mod. Assuming you can pick up (or maybe you have one) a Predator 8 Mod, this may do the trick???

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    My mate has a 14x1 but share it's spigoted

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    HI Chaps,
    Thanks for the posts, non-spigoted (only cut yesterday) and or a Muzzle Brake M14 x 1


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    Got a ti quick silver .30 cal threaded 14x1 if that's any use

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    Think it may be beyond my budget and I understand it about 8" but light

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    Yes, about 8" long but light weight. Depends on your budget pal, pm if your interested, we might be able to come to a deal

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    Why don't you make life easier for everybody here

    what is your budget ?

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    if he isnt i might be interested
    K C Rimmington

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    Got a t8 reflex had 100 rounds through it, few scrapes from bramble etc, its a .30 cal but been proofed for 7mm08 on can 125

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