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Thread: progress so far

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    progress so far

    well, since joining the forum i've booked my DSC level 1 on a few members recomendations,
    so cheers there, and submitted my Fac so thanks again.
    i've managed to join a syndicate and just looking into different rifles.
    i've noticed that like most sports everyones an expert and to take things with a dose of salt.
    so again thanks every one for answering my posts, there will be a lot more to come.

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    Re: progress so far

    Quote Originally Posted by gelert
    i've noticed that like most sports everyones an expert

    Welcome to the wonderful world of stalking. I think you will find though that on this site we have some of the most well intentioned and generous "experts" in stalking

    Glad to see that you are making good progress and I wish you well for your level 1, I'm sure it will be no bother at all for you.


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