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Thread: Moderators for blaser R93 308

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    Moderators for blaser R93 308

    Which are the best moderators for this rifle

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    Very pleased with Hardy gen 4 from riflecraft on Blaser .300wm

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    Quote Originally Posted by Todhunter View Post
    Very pleased with Hardy gen 4 from riflecraft on Blaser .300wm
    I have Northstars on my 243 & 308 good imho, have a Atec on a 6.5 that's also good hope this helps Regards Steve

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    I have an A-Tec Maxim on my R93 30-06 so I am sure you will be pleased with it on a .308.
    A-Tec Maxim, very light, modular and reasonably priced compared to a lot of others.

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    Got jetZ's on my Blaser .243 Skinny and 300WM Match barrels....... very good.

    I've also got a T8 on the Match .243 which will be replaced at some point in the (nearish?)'s done well for it's age. Probably with another JetZ on Jackson Rifles exchange scheme but I've got stainless one-piece Onelesscharlie's on my Sako A1 .20Prac and my Tikka 595 .17Rem - these are nice and quiet and British made to spec, well impressed.

    So in the end it will come down to how I'm feeling and the price comparisons when the time comes to replace the T8.



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