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Thread: Nite site spotter

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    Nite site spotter

    Has anyone any experience of this or know of anyone that has used one am thinking of getting after xmas

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    I bought one about a month ago, after using an ns200 for a while its been quite easy to get used to. It works fantastically well in conjunction with a Yukon Photon & doubler as theres no need to use the built in illuminator (which is pretty sh*te anyway) or an additional NM400/T20 etc . I fitted a filter as soon as I bought it as the screen is so bright it knocks out your night vision. Range is a genuine 300 yards plus on foxes with a sharp clear picture.3 power modes for close, medium and long range. Inbuilt battery life is over 2hrs continuous on full power and I haven't run it flat yet. Its good for solo foxing and can be fitted to a standard camera tripod pointed at a bait station.The only drawback I have found when using it is the 2 levers which adjust zoom and focus are very sensitive and are always moving out of position when being carried on a sling.(electrical or duct tape may resolve this but the magnification will then be fixed). They were also on offer through dealers with 100 discount as they had only just been released and were slow to start selling. Very well built and 2 grand cheaper than a thermal imager!. Regards, Dave.

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    I have used the Spotter extensively and for the money it is a lot of kit, in many forms.

    Its rather large, and unwieldy to start, however its ergnomics quickly come into play and with 20x optical zoom the ability to see detail at 300m is outstanding.

    Here is a little demo video we did recently, of course it wasnt a patch on the TiCam750LR

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