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Thread: WANTED: left-handed 6.5x55mm rifle

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    WANTED: left-handed 6.5x55mm rifle

    I'm looking for a left-handed bolt-action 6.5x55 stalking rifle - any make considered.

    I'm based in North Essex, but willing to travel or pay RFD transfer fees for the right rifle. If you have any suggestions, please PM me.

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    there is a LH 6.5x55 sako 75 hunter on

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    Thanks, MJJL, I've already seen the Sako. I'm just wondering if there's anything else out there.

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    L/H 6.5X55

    Hi the RFD near me did have a TIKKA is stock I was thinking of buying it myself but have got all the reloading gear for 270win.My rifle is a R/H so I l am looking for a L/H 270. The RFD is at Northallerton,North Yorkshire give them a ring on 01609 771944. Good luck

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    I was beaten to that Tikka (if it's the 695 Hunter) by a matter of hours, Chris, much to my frustration.....

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