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Thread: Set triggers

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    Set triggers

    hi,just wanted to know how you fellas feel with regards to set triggers on a stalking rifle.what do you think are the pro,s and con,s.
    thanks the scudd

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    I almost always use set trigger. Much better accuracy, especially if you shoot off sticks.


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    Hi scudd

    If you are familiar with the workings of your own rifle and confident in how to make it safe once set etc.. i dont think there is a negative if its your choice..

    Caution with a new pair of thick gloves

    Or a trigger set so light its clearly dangerous..

    Recon its one for your own preferances


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    se trigger

    Got I but never use it stalking.

    i have adjusted it and zeroed my rifle with it , but never use it in the field.

    I never have time to..... and as 2 roe will testify yesterday, I never missed it.

    would rather have a worked over normal trigger. (like i have on my other rifles)

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    Twin setting and normal triggers on my Steyr-Mannlicher model L. I always set the trigger before taking a shot as it gives me greater accuracy.

    As has been said, if you use it then make sure you know how to unset it correctly and safely, (immediately after a non-shot). I've seen clients who thought that the correct method was to cycle the bolt, close it on an empty chanber and pull the trigger. It takes all sorts I suppose.

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    In days of yor when I was guiding professionally I hated the bloody things. Too many people not familiar with set triggers and just plain dangerous.
    Normal trigger with an average pull (especially if it has a soft take up on the first part of the pull) is quite OK. Some folk don't really know how to hold the rifle & squeeze off a trigger correctly

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    love them have them in my sako 75 and T3 .

    i give anyone using them a tip ,went you set it keep your finger behind the trigger with a little forward pressure untill the last second before you want to shoot ,IE cross hairs on the kill point.

    on a frosty morning or if the animal moves and you have to change position a little it will save a AD or is it a ND .

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    I've always used a set trigger,the action of setting the trigger has become second nature over 30 years of using high powered rifles.
    I even managed to source a set trigger for my rem 700 with which im very happy...


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    i have had two rifles with rifles with them on both cz and i always used them. as already stated it does become second nature and i really belive it makes for a more accurate shot

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    I had a Mauser years ago with the wretched things on. All the bells and whistles 'scope, QD claw mounts, made in Germany just before WWI I'd guess.

    Couldn't find anybody - this was thirty years ago - to change out and replace the double set triggers with a standard trigger - so sold it.

    I don't like them. FWIW I don't like a single stage trigger either. Except on a shot gun or pistol. I'm just odd that way.

    Needs must and I'll at least accept a rifle with a single stage trigger but a double set trigger. No.

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