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    I would appreciate the Collective's wisdom on this most thorny issue...

    My variation for a .308 has come through. I am in a quandry about how to proceed, and have two choices:

    1. A second hand Heym SR21, in very good condition, for rather a lot of money. Extremely appealing, but the financial pain will be considerable. I really want it, but I'm struggling to convince myself it's worth the expense.

    2. A new Tikka T3, for much less money. This is my 'fall back'. I already own T3s in .222 and .243, and love them. I just have reservations about their longevity in a heavier recoiling calibre - but am more comfortable with the cost.

    I'd be very grateful for thoughts. I'll just add that those are really the only options - I have narrowed it down this far after a GREAT deal of thought. Extra options are most unwelcome!

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    You only get one trip round the block, if you want it get it try and haggle after all it is the season of good will.

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    Heym, hands down. because,,well, everyone should have at least one rifle that looks good ;-)

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    Get the Heym. You will not regret buying German. The only risk is that you might want more to replace the Tikkas!

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    Heym. But I would hold out for an SR20 to come up.

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    Thanks folks.

    One extra to throw into the mix: a friend has almost convinced me I should get a Weatherby Vanguard series 2 RC (the one that comes aleady bedded in a B&C stock).

    I'm not a fan of synthetics, but have to admit that scotland is a touch damp. Thoughts?

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    To me only accurate rifles are of any worth. I'd get the one that gives me acceptable accuracy, to my requirements, for the job in hand. That and the ease of obtaining suitable 'scope mounts. Oh and nothing under a twenty-four inch barrel as I don't like tin cans hanging off the end of my rifles.

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    There's a lot to be said for owning the same rifles in terms of familuarity but then it could get a bit boring,the heym well I know what I'd choose.

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    Now don't go giving more options. Two completely different rifles. Heym is far nicer than a tikka and if it's real sh** weather you can use a cheap old tikka, if it's reasonable weather and you fancy walking round with a lovely rifle you'll have a Heym. Just a shame you didn't buy mine.

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    best to cry once. buy what you really want. Ive had a t3 and was not impressed. I have not had a Hyem so can not comment on that

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