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Thread: Level 2

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    Level 2

    Having arrived back from a great time stalking with Wayne Davies and Andy in Hereford i was doing the fatherly bit supporting my two girls at their netball match..

    Nice and relaxed that soon changed as the phone rang and my level 2 assessor was on the other end with his list of questions and my completed portfolio

    I wasnt expecting that as only submitted it a short while back

    At the same time my two are dipping my pockets taking full advantage of the situation making off for the tuck shop..

    Commenting on the high standard of the portfolio and the pleasure he had in reading it, i was off to a good start and at this time want to thank Malc and jingzy for all the effort they put into my portfolio and for helping me throughout..

    Question number one - It was only six questions and all went well so at this point i was informed he would submit it as a pass to the internal verifier

    Thanks again to all on here that ive had the pleasure of stalking with and that have helped me and continue to help me and thanks again Jingzy and Malc


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    Well done Terry!



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    Nice one Terry. 8)

    Out of interest what questions were you asked?


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    Hi Alex..

    The questions were about..

    cull plans..

    Temperature for storing deer in the larder..

    Animal selection..

    Following up on a wounded deer that was unsafe to despatch by the rifle..

    Signs and symptoms of foot and mouth and what to look for..

    Bugger i cant remember the other one


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    Well done Terry.

    I only looked over your shoulder, you were the one that had done all the homework prior to your assessment.

    Hopefully, you will get your certificate shortly.

    By the way, can you PM me the assessors name please.


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    well done terry,you deserve it mate,you havent had a weekend at home for weeks

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    Well done mate good to see all the hard work payed off .


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    Congrats mate and well done, you certainly deserve it! It was clear that you were well prepared and carried out all the tasks exceptionally competantly.

    I have to add that Malc, Jingzy and co were all fantastic too, and it is testament to their thoroughness and desire to do their bit properly that your portfolio flew through once you had done your bit.

    Another SD success story, well done!


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    Well done terry



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    Nice one Terry, you deserve it mate.

    It just goes to show you that many CW's are just as capable as AW's in witnessing a persons stalking abilities. Not that I am knocking Jingzy as he is a very good stalker and AW. But as some people on here have knocked the abilities of CW's it just goes to show that in some instances CW's have more experience and are just as capable as an AW

    Enough said and well done again Terry.

    Wait for this weekend, Fester, Andy and Waddas are here with me


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