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Thread: Guide Gear Tripod Portable Game Hanger

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    Guide Gear Tripod Portable Game Hanger

    Bought two of these and can manage fine with one. I think they are great bits of kit and do what they are designed to do.

    While the picture is quite accurate, it doesn't come with a gambrel and the legs have square plates on bottom to prevent sinking into the ground.

    The legs are in two parts each about 145cm long for easy transportation.

    100 plus carriage which will be about 15 or pick up from North Norfolk.

    Any queries please PM me.


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    Bump for the weekend. Excellent bit of kit.

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    Still for sale.

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    Quote Originally Posted by daw View Post
    Still for sale.
    Have you tried it with a Red, and if so is the head off the ground?


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    Sold to Max pending usual

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