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    DSC Funding

    Hello folks

    Slipping out of my enforced retirement from the site (BT have loused up my Broadband and it just don't happen on a dial up) by borrowing a connection from a friend for the day.

    A question: Some time ago someone posted a thread about some funding being available for DSC courses in Scotland. I've looked through the site in vain - if anyone can recall it I'd be very grateful.

    Bigtedzzr reminded me about it when he paid me a vist a couple of weeks ago. Incidentally, what a very nice gentleman to spend a couple of days with. It never ceases to amaze me how everyone I meet who is involved in stalking is always such a decent human being.

    Thanks in advance.

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    roe steak

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    Posted: Sat Jul 11, 2009 8:42 pm Post subject: 200 ILA Grant towards dsc1 in Scotland!!


    hey all, my friend just got a 200 grant from ILA scotland towards doing his dsc 1 at Barony college near Dumfries. Seems that if you live in Scotland and earn less that 22k a year you can get a 200 grant from ILA Scotland that can be used towards the cost of dsc 1 with a couple of colleges.

    You just phone up and get an application form, fill it in and send it back so it seems really easy to do. You can use the grant with Barony College near Dumfries or North Highland College way up north at Thurso. I know the Barony college is about 250 for a weekend course with assessment so if you get a grant it's only 50 + the grant.

    It's worth giving your nearest college a phone to see what the score is because i paid full wack for my level 1 and wish i'd known about the grant before hand!!

    Barony College 01387 860251

    North Highland College 01955 606535

    Hope that helps!

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    You're a star, many thanks.

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    Thanks Frax for the kind words I really did have a great time and as I said the deer was a bonus and remember if you need anything at all just let me know.
    It was a great experience stalking with yourself on Skye one that I will remember and not just for the weather ,
    So get your skates on and get that DSC thing done.
    Speak soon

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    AFAIK you have to be earning under 18k to qualify for the free funding, but if you are everyone in scotland has this funding available to them to do any kind of adult education course, from IT to DSC!


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