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Thread: Remi mounting options

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    Remi mounting options

    I have just purchased a nice new sightron to sit on my remi 22.250 . The rifle I bought second hand and came scoped etc and it was my first remi . So I was in need of a new mounting system as the burris rings and mounts were inch and won't fit the new scope . No one I shoot with has Remis either so I went ahead and bought a second hand pictanny style alloy rail and some leupold qrw high rings now I'm not 100% sure if the rail is a 20moa rail as it seems high deepest part is 12.5 mill or half Inch in my builders terms . So I get it all mounted after some difficulty as the rail came with no mounting screws and to me the scope is sitting far to high even with me messing about with cheek piece etc so I'm really after advice as to what is the best option for a no nonsense mounting system to get me going and won't need changing I like the idea of the qrw rings and have read/ watched good reviews of them as for the rail until I know if its a flat or 10/20 Moa railI'm not sure if I'm looking at chancing the rail or getting lower rings or I'm better off just starting again so your advice would be greatly appreciated ps I'm a tight Northern get so I'm looking at buying secondhand if possible thanks in advance swatty excuse the grammar northerner who was more interested in shooting than education

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    here's a site in the States that deliver to the UK. shipping is around $41 for two sets of mounts and a rail plus if you're really unlucky Parcel Force will screw you for around 26 in duty when it lands on this side of the pond.

    Any way have a look and it will give you some idea of what's around, All you need then is all the bits S/H !!!!!!

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    You shouldn't need to change the rail. Most scopes can cope with a 20MOA canted rail and still zero at 100yds. You're better off finding out what the vertical travel is of your scope and looking at how much wiggle room this gives you for a canted rail.

    I've got 20MOA rails on both my Remmy 700's and use Warne scope rings.

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    Its not so much I'm worried about the rail it's just the height and the fact to get in the right position to be relaxed I'm having to lift the profile of the stock two inches with foam and a cheek piece if I can get the scope mounted lower then I've not as much need to raise the stock

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    Hi mate if you post a photo it would help greatly

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    I've dismantled everything and called it a bad job plus I've only just worked out how to email pictures

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    You can find everything you need here

    Third Eye Tactical Home Page

    But it sounds like the problem is you bought high rings, how much clearance was there between the front of the scope and the barrel? Would medium or even low mounts give enough clearance? And allow you to cycle the bolt?


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    seen a picatinny rail for a remmy 700 on the bay .

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    I use Leupold double dovetail bases on my two Remmies coupled with Signature rings.



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    I've over half a inch between barrel and objective lens So loads of space I rekon I could get away with low rings but no entirely sure

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