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Thread: .308 boar loads

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    .308 boar loads

    I am going to Croatia for driven boar in January,this will be my third time, i normally take factory 180 grain sako's out of my R93 and have been happy enough with the results,but have started reloading this year and have ordered some 200 grain nosler partions,my thinking being that, no long shots, so don't need to worry about drop and the harder i hit them the better.
    Has anybody used these, all comments good or bad will be appreciated and can anybody recommend a load and powder,will be loading them into sako brass.


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    I would certainly give them a go as long as you can get sufficent velocity to ensure that the partition opens up well. If you can get them to 2400-2500fps they should be fine.

    I was in Croatia last month, Boghossian of this site was there also. He was using a 300win mag with 220grs, I used a 30/06 with 180's. The 300 with the 220's put the pigs down noticeably harder than the '06.

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    Nosler partitions will do well mate - but you have to hit them first unfortunately for you...

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    Re: .308 boar loads

    I have used 180gn Winchester round nose soft points in my .308 for several years now and had no problem dropping Boar (when hit )
    My load was H4895 x 40gns with a Federal Magnum Primer and any brass I could get hold of with the bullet seated enough to fit the magazine.
    I have recently changed to a 30-06, still using the same 180gn bullets but with 42gns of H4895 with a Fed Mag Primer.
    It doesn't kill them any better/easier, it is just that I liked the 30-06 rifle at the time so got it.
    I still have my trusty .308 and cannot see me getting rid of it for sentimental reasons
    PS am I likely to see you in January, do we have a mutual friend from north of the border

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    Thanks Claret Dabbler


    The only reason you managed to hit them this time was, you were using that anti-tank missile launcher that wasn't yours.


    I thought I was your North of the Border friend,but yes we do have the same aquaintence and I look forward to seeing you again on the 3rd


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    Hi Laurie,
    Yes, of course you are my friend North of the Border at least one of them
    It sounds as if we have a good crowd going, I am looking forward to it.
    I've had a bit of 'drinking practise' but I don't think I'm up to the profficient standard of some of those last year
    Mind you, I can still remember most of the words of 'Flower of Scotland'
    I learnt most of them off by heart at 3 in the morning last year
    I should have thought anybody living within a mile could have learnt them as well - if they could have understood the words
    Yes, roll on January.
    I'm packing my best shirt for the last night, I'm lead to believe that is something special

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    Here's one that dropped to a 180gn bullet from fifty yards.
    Sorry it's not a posing shot but I wasn't going to bother until I saw the size of some of the others shot

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    Nice of them to have a target on them

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    Quote Originally Posted by bobt
    Nice of them to have a target on them
    That is my usual POI and was marked on forwarded copies for the education of others
    Incidentally, that was the exit wound, the entry was almost opposite

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    Hi Eddy

    What you didn't learn of Flower Of Scotland last time, i'm sure by the end of this trip you'll know it all off, by heart.
    Thats a nice boar was it with Artemis or Basswood.
    Can't wait to get Christmas out the way so i can get in among them again.


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