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Thread: Hedgehog vs Fox; general wildlife question

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    Hedgehog vs Fox; general wildlife question

    hi there
    this is a follow-on discussion to a picture posted by JAYB in the photos section; 'last nights dinner guests'

    Until this summer my neighbours and I had a very healthy hedgehog population living between our gardens and adjoining grounds. As you'd expect for a town centre location were not unaccustomed to seeing the odd flat-hog sleeping on one of the busy local roads, but generally this hasnít affected our population.......early summer fox cubs have started appearing in the neighbouring school grounds, I've never seen the adult foxes, suffice to say they are still there making their nocturnal screams......and the hedgehogs are all gone.... my question; has anyone ever seen a fox taking a hedgehog ??


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    Quote Originally Posted by Baldwelshman View Post my question; has anyone ever seen a fox taking a hedgehog ?? Baldwelshman
    Nope - but it is winter and Hedgehogs hibernate, so maybe they're all asleep, possibly with ear plugs to muffle the screaming?

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    I have not seen it happening but I once found a hedgehog which had been scooped out of its spines. Nothing bar the spines left and after wondering about it for a good while I came to the conclusion that it was likely a fox.

    That said hedgehogs as aforementioned do hibernate so there is a fair chance that's where they has all gone for the time being.

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    I heard a rumour that badgers think they are a particular nice snack. Anybody know if that is true?
    I can speak in-depth and with great knowledge about most subjects until some bugger who actually knows what he is speaking about opens his gob .

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    unfortunately they disappeared well before summer turned to autunm and the weather turned chilly, not that its that cold down here this year - just wet and wild.....

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    Badgers will turn them inside out, As the badger population increased hereabouts the hedgehogs have all but disappeared. I would suspect a fox would be inclined to pass a hedghog by.

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    Badgers will eat hedgehogs. Hedgehogs will take ground beating birds.

    I think ink I am right in saying it is still legal to shoot hedgehogs, but illegal to trap them.

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    Yes jubnut you are quite right.
    I have found hedgehogs on fox earths containing cubs so I would say it is possible that they may dine on them occasionally but they may well just be a play thing for the cubs.

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    We had a hedgehog last year, until a badger found it!

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    I had a terrier who was adept at killing them even chewing through the wire of his kennel to kill them .we have a hedgehog get into the dog runs in the middle of the night for food but my gun dogs just bark at them .i like them about but not at 3 in the morning !

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