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Thread: Hello from Cumbria!

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    Hello from Cumbria!

    Hello all,

    Just a quick picture of me. 29 years old, live on the edge of the lake district and have 8000 hens! No.1 priority...shooting foxes. Also have deer on my land (which I take great pleasure in eating) and like to push the distances when shooting paper. Would like to expand my knowledge using other peoples and get a better picture of shooting larger/faster calibers.

    Guns I have

    tikka t3 varmint .243
    CZ bolt .22
    benelli M1 auto 12g
    winchester 32" o/u 12g

    Guns i'm after

    30.06 or 308? which one? cant decide!
    .260 remington

    Age old question I know but 308 or 30.06 ...or neither!


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    Hi John welcome aboard mate 30-06 bazil

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    Welcome john I may not be to far away from you and I've a 3006 if you want to try it give me a shout

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    Hello guy's. thanks for the warm welcome. Its 1 vote for 308 and 2 for 30.06! I'll have to bite the bullet and just choose one.

    Hi swatty, I'm near Penrith and I take it you're on the wrong side of Ulverston? I would love to have a go with a 30.06 and may take you up on your offer in the new year. I've9* done very little shooting this year due to a new born and building my own house. Not enough hours in the day when you have a full time job and a baby!

    Can I ask what you've got? I love my Tikka T3 varmint and alot of people praise them in .308/30.06 but I want something different, possibly Remington. I'd like to go custom stock etc just to have something different and I hear the 700's have a solid action and good accuracy.

    Please feel free to correct me as I have no experience with anything other than Tikka (centre fire) and CZ (rimfire).


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    I've a tikka t3 in 3006 and a remi 700 in 22.250 I know how you feel young family and work I'm in exactly the same boat these dark nights are crippling me at the moment not enough hours in the day I've a remi 700 22.250 so if you want you can have a go with both to compare the difference . I get up to penrith a fair bit my mate looks after a shoot just after lazonby

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Hello and welcome fellow Cumbrian.

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    Hi, welcome, I am also in Cumbria near Penrith, giving the same quesion some thought, 3006 or .308, be interested in what you decide

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    I have just looked at upgrading from a .243 a few months ago a lot of people said 308 but couple of friends from over the border one is a stalker and advised on the 270 shot both and found the 270 flatter more accurate. Bought the new Sako 270 pro hunter best decision I made stunning rifle.

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