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Thread: comb raiser for boyds stock

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    comb raiser for boyds stock

    hi all, has anyone fitted a comb raiser or cheek piece to a boyds rifle stock? or know a one that would fit the best, not really wanting one of those strap on types ...


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    Have a look at my thread boyds tikka t3 stock on its way page 2 thread 14 just below
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    cheers baldy , what make is that?

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    I have a Hunters of England on mine, they seem difficult to get hold of now though.

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    These work quite well and are easy to put on / take off...

    There is a 3mm one too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by charlie-hunter View Post
    cheers baldy , what make is that?
    Hi Charlie it's a ncstar from the USA from the bay but to find one you may have to do a search on the web and it comes up with some on the bay

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    I fitted an Aim Tactical comb raiser (strap on type) to my Boyds Ruger M77 thumb hole stock after fitting a Vortex Viper scope (6.5x20 50) as the scope needed to be raised slightly due to the larger objective lens. It seems to do the job, but I would much prefer a comb raiser mod as offered by B.K.Webster Gunsmiths near Ripon, North Yorkshire. Unfortunately, they have suspended taking in any new orders.

    Anybody able to recommend someone else who does similar comb raiser mods?




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    I've looked at this...

    Adjustable Comb raiser kit for shotgun | eBay

    It looks a bit clunky though, don't know if I'd be brave enough to possibly ruin a good stock.
    I reckon there's a market for someone who can do a good job and demonstrate that it is so.

    What is the mod done by Webster Gunsmiths like?.
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    Private Fraser

    Please take a look at their website:

    I like the look of the finished product, but then it will be down to personal taste, others may not like it. I will take a look at the one on eBay.




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    Thanks N1.
    It looks very smart, practice makes perfect with this sort of thing.
    Re the ebay one..the guy offers a fitting service so I suppose it would be possible to send him the stock or go diy.
    Wonder how long the webster waiting list is.
    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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