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Thread: Harkila Kodiak killer deal!

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    Harkila Kodiak killer deal!

    Tempted by the deals available at Scott Country I've ordered. Apparently the Kodiak jacket and trousers will no longer be available, so when they're gone they're gone.

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    Swilligton have followed with a big reduction - now at 245


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    I need a new jacket the Harkila Kodiak are these as good as the advert or a little heavy for hill stalking.

    Looks like a good deal but not so good if the jacket boils the wearer

    For two thirds of the price I could buy the Jahtijakt PRO Suit.

    Any comments apreciated either for or agianst?

    Happy new year

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    I've not got a Harkila, so can't comment on their kit, but I DO own Jahti Jakt gear, and I'm very pleased with it .

    I wear my JJ jacket when tramping around after pheasants on our shoot in the South Lakes; you can soon get a sweat-on yomping around, but I've not boiled yet!! Thank goodness for underarm zip vents...... (a very comfy jacket, loads of pockets for radio, baler twine, phone, cartridges, etc, keeps the wind/rain out, not too warm and not too cold, rest of the bundle, eg the keks, is good too... I like it.)

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    I have two Harkila jackets, and they are both top-notch. For the price you can get them for at the moment they can't be beat.


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    Thanks for the advice, best get on the phone

    All the best Dodge

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