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Thread: What was your time line for DSC 2?

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    What was your time line for DSC 2?

    Just a quick lil survey just want to figure out on average bow long it takes to get your DSC2 cert after sending it off in the post?

    atb jay

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    Smidge under 6 weeks. No calls from anyone. (Nov/Dec this year). BASC whether that makes any difference.

    Obviously longer if anything needs following up or incomplete.

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    Thanks apache, just wondering as I'm looking to send me off end of man start of feb so just trying to find out average times, how come its 110 with basic and 120 with BDS. Surely everyone would go for BASC right.

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    Bloody ipad I always mis spelling stuff and auto correct changes your words! Just letting you know I'm not thick haha

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    Mine was between 6-8weeks to getting the papers etc back.
    Following telephone chatter pretty sure they go back to a centre/committee to validate and then certificate issued by organisation done through.

    Cheers, L

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    Have witnessed for 3 candidates in the last little while. Certificates received in about 4 - 6 weeks for two of them the other would have been about 8 - 10 I suppose. No problems for any and no particular reason, luck of the draw.

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    Just under 4 weeks with Sparsholt College. Arrived less than a week after the phone call. Very happy with that.

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    BDS were quick and efficient with me and both the assessor and verifier that I spoke to were very pleasant.

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    I sent mine back 5 weeks ago to BDS and have heard nothing yet but they did say to allow 8 weeks.

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    Just under 6weeks after a chat by phone with BDS

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