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Thread: maxim baffles

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    maxim baffles

    Question for those with an A-tec maxim.....

    I haven't had my maxim for very long and although i'm impressed with it with regards to weight and suppression I have noticed that the stainless baffle at the exit end of the mod rattles slightly when I shake the mod. I've swapped the baffles and stacks around and it still does it, it looks as though the exit hole baffle stack might be a bit short and is not exerting pressure on the baffle dish like all the others are. Has anyone else noticed this on their Maxims?



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    North yorkshire/sometimes down south and occasionally further north
    on further investigation it seems its definitely the baffle dish underneath the hexagonal exit hole and as I don't have the right sized allen key I can't into it to see what the issue is or whether it can be rectified.

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    Aye, just tried mine and it rattles slightly. Never bothered me until now

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    mine rattles as well. never noticed it till this thread!

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    This rattle came to my notice after about 15 rounds from new. Being new to the Maxim I
    was concerned considering the pressures involved within. I sent the mod back to Jacksons
    and they remediated it. My mate bought one and the same rattle came on his mod.
    Ever since this we have enquired and the rattle seems to be common with Maxims.

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    A 9mm allen key rectifies the problem - you know, the one that tends not to be in any standard set.....!! As a matter of course, the first thing I did when I got my mod was strip it and grease all the 'O' rings. The end piece needs tightening more than the others, that's for sure. The only slight rattle I get is from the bushing.
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    Chalk me up as another have to shake it to hear it something I don't usually do mind you but it's there, more importantly it does not effect accuracy and does not make noise in the field, personally it doesn't bother me at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barkingsnake View Post
    mine doesn't rattle...

    Neither does mine.

    Top tip for anyone with one of these, or any other modular type, and finds they can't separate the individual elements because the mod slips in your hands.

    Find an offcut of 1" thick plywood and cut two pieces about 6"x3". Get a suitable sized hole saw and put a hole (1 3/4" for my 308 Maxim) at one end on both and then make a 'V' shaped cut from the other end up to the hole.

    This will allow you to get extra purchase on the moderator and use a bit of leverage to assist in undoing it.

    If this doesn't work then next stage is to clamp one piece in a vice and then use an 8" or 10" G clamp on the other piece - you don't need a lot of compression force , just enough to stop the wood turning, but the extra leverage the clamp gives will get most seized moderators apart.

    I also have a pair of these for A-TEC CMM moderators as they are steel and are prone to rust especially if used in humid or wet conditions...

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    Not quite in the same theme as the thread title but Maxim related.
    Does anybody know if the chamber modules from an A-Tec Maxim will fit an A-Tec CMM4 ?

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