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    My Christmas got off to a very damp start, we were woken at 5 in the morning on Christmas eve by the dogs whinning when i got out of bed to find out what was going on i found inches of water flowing through the dining room. As i made my through the house towards the back door i was greeted by Christmas gifts floating towards me..........this is not good.
    I live just outside Dorking and the brook that runs 150 feet from our back door decided it would come a bit closer.
    As well as all the other bits that got soaked my ammunition box ended up under water and what i would like to know if after being submerged for 12 hours is it ok to use?

    ATB Andy

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    Unlucky mate. My sister is in Fecham and only just missed it.

    As for your ammo. If it's factory you may be OK.
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    Sorry to hear about the damp start to Christmas, I hope your house insurance is paid up, as for the ammo I don't think it would like being under water for so long and I wouldn't use the ammo.


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    My house is flooded but for the love of god is my ammo ok!? Thats priorities!

    Thats what I thought the first time I read your post. I understand your post is probably an afterthought after all that you had to deal with this morning and its a horrible thing to happen to anyone. Hope your insurance pulls through.

    As for the ammo you could probably tell by shaking them if there was water in them or weigh them next to some dry stuff and compare to see if they gained a little water weight. Could also take the bullets out of a couple and check if they are wet or dry inside. The rest should be similar I would imagine.

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    Sorry to hear of your misfortune hope you get sorted soon and make the most of what's left of Christmas, hope things are better in the new year. Why bother messing or taking a chance with the ammo? Claim for it on your insurance

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    Thanks for all the replies chaps, it has been crappy and i'm sure until the insurance is sorted it won't be good but there is always someone worse off especially at this time of year


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