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Thread: Harris Bipod Required

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    Harris Bipod Required

    Well folks, santa was kind so I have a little Christmas money to play with.

    I'm thinking of a Harris Bipod

    6-9" length
    Notched legs

    Any thoughts from those who use them in the field?

    Also, anyone know of a good price on Harris's atm?

    Merry Christmas!


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    send us a pm if you like ill do a deal on one for you
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    They are great, I find a 9-13 more useable but they are hrheT in terms of function and build quality.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1967spud View Post
    send us a pm if you like ill do a deal on one for you
    Cheers Spud, may well be intouch!


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    Yep I got a 6-9 and find it a little short somtimes great bipod though

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    Hi I gave my son a Webley pro tilt 9-13" for Xmas, notched legs and swivell, almost identical to a Harris but 35+ cheaper (50) reviews on them seem quite favourable.

    It looks like a nice piece of kit.


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    Am thinking I might go for the 9-13 afterall. Any views on notched legs?

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    Can't comment on the notched legs as I've never tried them but I'd also recommend the 9 - 13. If you end up lying downhill or on top of a mound with the bipod resting on the lower side or on soft ground or on very uneven ground than the extra length really is handy to have. I've never once wanted for shorter legs in the field but I've extended the legs on quite a few occasions.
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    Recently replaced a 9-13 40 clone with notched legs for a S/H genuine 9-13 harris with sliding legs. Was fed up with the unwanted noise as the clone clicked into the notches. The harris is of significantly better quality. You definitely get what you pay for.

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    Right, looks like the 9-13" is the one. Now just a choice on the legs...

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