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Thread: Fullbore rifle range north east

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    Fullbore rifle range north east


    Anyone know of the nearest indoor fullbore rifle range to darlington?? Iam thinking of steadhall but thats approx 90 mins away.
    Just wondered if anyone knew of one closer?

    Many Thanks

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    Plenty of clubs shoot at ponteland, three counties, st georges, tyne valley etc, theres also warcop on the A66.
    Sorry, just noticed the indoor bit!

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    Durham Police reportedly have a range at Washington (firearms training centre) and there was a rumour they may be looking at allowing clubs to use it to save/make some money but don't hold your breath!

    Other than that as you've correctly noticed there's nothing else, Stead Hall or the one up in sunny Scotland are about the same distance from you.

    Are you wanting to shoot full loads?, I ask as we shoot downloaded 308 and 300aac at a club in Durham, only 25M but it's still a good excuse to use the rifles
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    By downloaded do you mean reloads? If so then no, I only shoot boring factory ammo at the moment

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