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Thread: Having condensation problems

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    Having condensation problems

    Merry Christmas.Since purchasing a new rifle case / cover i have noticed a fair bit of condensation on a number of occasions. It is of the full length zip type with eg-shell foam padding. Anyone else had similar ?

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    Every time i use my slips i fully unzip them and put them over the top of a radiator to totally dry them out.

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    i also leave rifle out near a rad while i am at home to dry out fully to prevent a damp rifle being in the safe

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    I do these things also , and never had these issues before

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    The outer caseing and foam inside may well feel dry over a radiator but between the back of the foam and inner case were you cant see probably may well lie alot of moisture specially if it ain't breatheable will sweat causing mire moist. How are you storing it. My mate use to lie his on his stone kitchen floor after comin off the rad. Then the cold underneath of the floor with the warm air on top use to cause mild damp as they were zipped up. Which use to fog his glass up when in sling.
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    I hang it from a hook fully unzipped

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    sometimes it pays to buy cheap..... Sounds like yours is just air tight....

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    Have you tried buying some of that moisture absorbing powder you can buy for use in bathrooms, etc? Wouldn't be too hard to make yourself some little parcels of the stuff like you get in a new shoe box and chuck them in the case. Surprisingly effective in my experience. You can buy a pre-made commercial version called absorba-balls as well.

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