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Thread: Knife Strop Board...... Hand made .... duel sided

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    Knife Strop Board...... Hand made .... duel sided

    After Honing you will need a strop for ""knife edge"" results.

    After waiting for a few months and ours not arriving we decided to knock a few up. The timber is normally of a hardwood, Ash/American Oak/Mahogany maybe Sycamore and some Clear Pine. The leather we tried to be kept to a minimum 3.5mm, one side is smooth the other rough. All natural adhesive to attach these on so they are removable if need be, there are a handfull that the leather was dyed so we used that as well. They have been tested so far by three people for us, and all notes were taken in for the final knock up. We have tried to keep them compact for ease and storage as well as you can place them in a bag to transport, size is governed around postage, as it doubles if you go above 45cm OAL, much larger ones are being made in the New Year, guess late January if the leather arrives.

    Overall length on these are 44cm (royal mail 2nd class postage is 45cm Max), 31cm of leather and approximately 7cm wide. There are smaller length Strops at 20cm leather length, all of the next batch will be a little longer, then the postage may be a little higher we are afraid.

    Attachment 36041Attachment 36042

    Larger on 21.60 posted.
    Small One 15.60 posted.

    Add on 1.40 for 20mg Chromium oxide-Straight Razor strop paste pigment if you want to try it. If you do take a look here,
    All despatched Royall Mail 2nd Class Small Parcel. Or ipost

    PM me your details and I will return details for payment if you require one.

    If ordering you will be sent payment and order details with an invoice, dispatch is normally one business pay after payment.

    Etsy - Your place to buy and sell all things handmade, vintage, and supplies then go to marksmanuk
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    Gary Beechener

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    Ready for postage now.
    Gary Beechener

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    Where about in Essex are you please. As I would prefer to collect if possible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Suffolk stalker View Post
    Where about in Essex are you please. As I would prefer to collect if possible.
    As above please Gary
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    Highwood Essex
    Gary Beechener

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    After receiving a knife strop board from Gary I'm amazed at how well these work. I have never been brilliant at sharpening knives I was just happy to get a good edge with my lansky sharpener and that would do me. But not no more I can't beleave how sharp I got my knife using this knife board and how easy it was to use.
    I highly recamend this kit from Gary a top bit of kit at a cheap price.


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    +1 on Dan's post. I've been using one for a while now and find it finishes an edge very well indeed.
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    Still ready to go.......
    Gary Beechener

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    Are these strops still available,

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